Scrim - 12FEB10

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Scrim - 12FEB10 Empty Scrim - 12FEB10

Post  Ezio on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:05 pm

Clans: [101*] vs. [>KA<]

Winner: [101*]
Loser: [>KA<]

AAR: After we beat the [6l9x] clan they backed out and we ended up running into another clan. 4v6 again. The thing that made this one interesting was that these guys talked a lot of shit and then during the game, used the care package glitch over and over and over again. But still lost. It was close in the beginning and I believe they won the first game but we stomped them the rest of the way. Outnumbered and what looked to be outmatched, we stood our ground. Through blood, sweat, and tears we brought home victory. *Salute*

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