Scrim - 12FEB10

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Scrim - 12FEB10 Empty Scrim - 12FEB10

Post  Ezio on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:03 pm

Clans: [101*] vs. [6l9x]

Winner: [101*]
Loser: [6l9x]

AAR: shadowOMEGA, santaOMEGA, YUNG TRINIOMEGA, and EZIO OMEGA were just playing some hardcore headquarters pro when all of the sudden we run into an entire clan. It was us four against them. I can not remember the maps, but I can remember that we came on top and won it for the 82nd. We stomped them. It was a good win that I am proud to add to the forums. Outnumbered we stood, we held our ground and won. *Salute*

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