Scrim - 07FEB10

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Scrim - 07FEB10 Empty Scrim - 07FEB10

Post  Ezio on Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:58 am

Clans: [101*] vs. [MLBQ]

Winner: [101*]
Loser: [MLBQ]

After Action Report: We started off playing just regular hardcore search and destroy. Suddenly, we get put against an entire clan and it becomes a clan v clan match. 6v6 and the first round was on the map Afgan. We lost that game. After that the next map was terminal and all I have to say is RAPE....they didnt touch us. Then things got heated with a 1 to 1 score. It was a tie. The next map had to be a win. The map was Karachi. We won. End of story. *Salute* to those who participate. Job well done gentlemen.

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