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Scrim - 12FEB10 Empty Scrim - 12FEB10

Post  Ezio on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:08 pm

Clans: [101*] vs. [0Hn0]

Winner: [101*]
Loser: [0Hn0]

AAR: Oh my gosh. This was a busy day for some of us. So many clan matches. TRINIDAD KING10 was in charge of this one and did a good job at picking the participants. They were LTCshadowOMEGA, EZIO OMEGA, SGTsantaOMEGA, TRINIDAD KING10, King Templar,and LtColonel Storm. A 6v6 against a good clan that was definitely a challenge to us. The first map was Skidrow. We thought we might have this one, because it usually is our good map. We lost by two kills. TWO KILLS! So we figured we would bring it up with the next one. The next map was Invasion. Things looked good at first with Ezio sweeping their team on the left street in the beginning and the others taking em out one by one, but then they got fortified on the embassy and shit we downhill. We lost by a few kills. Things got heated as TRINIDAD KING10's rank was on the line and we had already lost two games. One more loss and it would have been over. The next map was Favela. We couldn't allow ourselves to lose. Not only would our perfect record be done for, but our friend and fellow comrade would get demoted. We had to step it up. At first it was a little bad and edgey but we brought it back and won by a few kills. Whew! We just saved that loss for now. The next map was Terminal. There were a couple of people that were iffy about it because Terminal is just one of those maps that you may or may not win. As everyone got in position, we held them off. We worked our asses off and got the win. Oh my gosh! We just came back and tied the game. Here we go gentlemen. The fight of our lives is before us and we are at the final obstacle. Highrise. The final battle took place on this map. Shit started out good and stayed that way. There was no way in hell we wanted to lose and would allow ourselves to lose so easily. With LTCshadowOMEGA laying down some serious bullet sprays with his light machine gun and EZIO OMEGA flanking the fuck out of them with his ump45, we couldn't lose. However, the credit doesn't just go to them for leading the team. They couldn't have done it without the air to ground support that their team was laying down for them. It was excellent teamwork in this game and that is what won it for us. We won by around 20-30 kills. WAHOO! We kept our streak and faced a good clan. *Salute* Job well down gentlemen. Just remember that we can now say that we went "To Hell and Back." What at first looked like a loss turned into a magnificent win. I will give props to our opposers for being the hardest and most challenging clan that we have ever faced. *Salute* to them.

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