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new website:D Empty new website:D

Post  king tempIar on Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:55 am

thank you Trevor and cody and trinidad for makeing this website complete My greatest thanks and Trevor come back sooon Sad.....srry if i miss spelled names Very Happy
king tempIar
king tempIar

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Post  Ezio on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:40 am

Yea, you should have seen it when I first started. It was blank. No color nothing....I did this from scratch. It took a complete day to finish everything. I also made rank avatars for everyone. However, the ranks have changed a little due to my coming return and due to the name change. The 101st is more military based and has a higher standard than the 82nd so I would stay on top of your game if I were yall. Anyways, if you see yourself on the roster then whatever rank you have there should be your avatar.

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